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Get Smart

Decisions. We make them every day. Yet it can be easy to get stuck in feelings of indecision, uncertainty, and fear about the future. But God has not left us to blind chance or best guesses. God wants to help us learn how to get smart and choose well.

The Master Plan
2011-05-08 Scott Scruggs
Have you ever heard the phrase 'God has a plan for your life'? Have you ever wondered why it can be so hard to figure out what it is? It's because God's will for you is something much bigger and better than just where you go or what you get.

The Decision Beneath the Decision
2011-05-15 Nick Bott
When faced with decisions we spend most of our time examining the options before us. But what if making wise decisions has as much to do with examining the desires within us? God doesn’t just want to inform our decisions; he wants to form our desire - the decision beneath the decision.

Signs From God
2011-05-22 Scott Scruggs
Have you ever prayed "Lord, give me a sign?" It's the kind of thing we say when we’re looking for clear direction about a pressing decision. So what are the signs that God is leading you and how do you know?

Prayer Blocks
2011-05-29 Scott Scruggs
Most Christians believe hearing from God is a critical part of faith. And most Christians struggle to know how to do that. It’s time to find out what may be keeping you from hearing God in your life and how you can change that.

The Big Two
2011-06-05 Nancy Ortberg
Few decisions are as significant and as stressful as what we do for a living and who we spend the rest of our lives with. So how do we approach these two big decisions and where is God in all of it?
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Execution is Everything
2011-06-12 Chris Sturgeon
One of the most important aspects of a making a good decision is how you live after it. Which is why God's will for your life is not just knowing what to do, but having the vision and the means to commit to the choice you've made.

Father Knows Best
2011-06-19 Scott Scruggs
Few decisions come with a money-back guarantee. But faithful decisions come with a God who is able to do more than you can ask or even imagine. And that's all the assurance we need.

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