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What happens when you take a group of individuals, bring them together, and then add authenticity, fidelity, humility, vulnerability, accountability, and generosity? You get the kind of community in which Jesus invites us to live. In the Bible, itís called koinonia. We simply call it, togethericity.

You Need Another Person
2011-01-02 Scott Scruggs
The Bible teaches that human beings are made for loving and meaningful relationships with one another. Yet more and more people struggle with loneliness, superficial relationships, and patterns of isolated living. So what will it take to build the kind of community that all of us need?

You Need Another Sinner
2011-01-09 Scott Scruggs
Everyone has problems. And it often feels easier and safer to try to cover them up, to pretend everything is okay. But transformation doesn't happen in isolation. It requires a unique kind of community based on humility, transparency and accountability - which is exactly how Jesus taught people to live.

You Need Another Conflict
2011-01-16 Nancy Ortberg
In every relationship, there will be conflict. And when it happens, our instinctive response is to either fight back or run away--which only makes the problem worse. But the Bible teaches us how to engage in conflict with grace and truth, paving the way to lasting intimacy and trust.

You Need Another Mirror
2011-01-23 Jesse Rice
Who do you see when you look in the mirror? How you answer that question will impact the quality of your relationships. Join Jesse Rice, author of the The Church of Facebook, as he addresses the secrets to finding our identity in Christ so that we can truly know others.

You Need Another Mission
2011-01-30 Scott Scruggs
Jesus envisioned a church that existed, not for the sake of its members, but for the sake of those who are not. But when it comes to reaching beyond our walls, Christian communities encounter a number of strong but surmountable barriers. Listen in to find out what they are and what you can do about it.

You Need Another Party
2011-02-06 Scott Scruggs
One of the prevalent commands in the Bible is the call to celebrate. And yet Christian community can sometimes feel like a solemn or even sedated environment. So we want to invite you back into Godís vision for the church as a community that gets serious about joy.
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