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There are stories in the Bible that are difficult to understand. There are aspects of the Christian lifestyle that can seem outdated or irrelevant. There are harsh realities in our world that may tempt us to doubt our faith altogether. We want to take on some of these tough questions about faith in a series called 'wtf'... or as we like to say, "Why the fuss?"

Why Should I Believe What the Bible Says Anyway?
2010-11-07 Scott Scruggs
More and more people have serious doubts about the reliability of the Bible. It's often assumed to be a collection of myths and manufactured stories that have little historical veracity and almost no relevance to modern life. So before we try to tackle any specific text or topic from the Bible, we have to start with a question about the Bible itself...can the Bible be trusted?

Why Shouldn't People Have Sex Before Marriage?
2010-11-14 Scott Scruggs
We live in a world where appetites rule, rules are relative, and the rationale for having sex is basically, "if it feels good, do it." So what does the Bible really say about sex and how can we make decisions that honor God's intentions for sex without dismissing it as something dirty or evil. Oh, and we're taking questions at the end--so it's going to get real, real fast.

Why Does the Bible Say Such Weird Stuff About the End Times?
2010-11-21 Scott Scruggs
The way in which the Bible talks about the "end times" can be difficult to understand. There are prophecies about rapture and warfare, visions of beasts and battles, and to modern ears, all this can sound more like science fiction than Scripture. So what does the Bible really say about where the world is going and how should that affect how we live our lives today?

Why Does the Bible Say Only Men Should Lead the Church?
2010-11-28 Scott Scruggs
Some Christians say God has given men and women distinct roles and responsibilities within marriage, family life and church leadership. Men are made lead and provide and women are made to support and nurture. Other Christians say God created men and women to complement each other but without any kind of intrinsic hierarchy based on gender. Both sides insist that the Bible supports their view. So what does the Bible say about gender and leadership and how does the life of Jesus affect this discussion?

Why Doesn't God Do Something About Suffering?
2010-12-05 Scott Scruggs
At some point in life, every human being will experience pain, hardship, injustice, or tragic loss. And the question that is always asked is why? Why is our world filled with so much suffering? And more importantly, why doesn't God step in and do something about it?

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